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At Beauty Arsenal, we use only products that we develop. This is how we are assured of the quality; from development stage, right up to the moment it is applied on your skin. And because lifestyles and concerns change, we are constantly improving them based on your needs. With over 70 premium skincare products, we are featuring some of our bestsellers here so you can bring home the Beauty Arsenal experience.

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Soothes the skin and helps to improve its texture. Suitable for sensitive skin, and perfect as a follow-up after peeling treatments.

Suitable for: Sensitive Skin 

Usage: Day and/ or Night 

Available in 15ml and 30ml.

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An ultra-refreshing gel mask that is perfect anytime your skin is stressed or needs a boost of hydration. Intensely moisturizes, repairs and restores the effects of dryness.

Suitable for: Normal to mature skin

Usage: Night 

Available in 30ml.

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Ideal as part of your daily skincare cleansing regime. Effectively removes makeup, dirt and impurities; yet gently leaves skin feeling soft, clear and supple.

Suitable for: Oily, normal, or sensitive  skin 

Usage: Day and Night 

Available in 15ml and 240ml.

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