LPG Wellbox [S] - White

  • At-home anti-aging, slimming and firming for the face and body


    With just 6 mins a day


    Invented, manufactured, and assembled in France

    The Wellbox S is a home-use version of the professional LPG treatments available in salons worldwide. The LPG Endermologie technique gently stimulates the skin to reactivate dormant cellular activity naturally, painlessly and without any side effects. Awakened, the target cells then metamorphose the skin from within for visible slimming and anti-ageing results.


    Available for treatments on both your face and your body, the Wellbox S is based on 2 unique LPG Endermologie techniques: Roll and Lift, to  reinforce the skin structure and reshape the contours of the body and face.


    Wellbox[S] makes use of flap beats, sequential 16Hz suction and rollers in the 5 treatment heads, to stimulate the skin. It is 100% natural, non-invasive, and non-aggressive, completely respecting the ecology of your skin. Wellbox S acts as a real mechanical lipolysis activator, helping to release fat that is proving resistant to diets and physical exercise.