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The triple action of Onda Pro

The triple action of ONDA PRO


Due to its exclusive PGW Technology, ONDA PRO’s Coolwaves® are exceptionally selective, generating a pronounced stretching impact on the face, resulting in a potent lifting effect.

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Different Penetration Depths for Different Indications for Use

This three handpieces - Pocket, Shallow, and Deep - vary in their depth of effectiveness, each tailored for specific areas and uses.

Pocket Handpiece

Ergonomically designed for maximum effectiveness on facial areas. Ideal for Lifting and Tightening the Face

Pocket Handpiece
Shallow Handpiece

Shallow Handpiece

Intended to dissolve the fibrous collagen fibres and trigger the contraction of the outermost collagen fibres, resulting in a combined tightening and restructuring effect on the superficial connective tissue.

Best for Cellulite | Skin Tightening | Face Fat Reduction

Deep Handpiece

The Deep Handpiece is crafted to focus on fat and deep cellulite by generating a larger and deeper heat. Its goal is to create controlled hyperthermia, leading to molecular oscillation in the adipocytes and breaking down deeper collagen fibres to trigger fat cell breakdown and collagen fibre remodelling through fibroblast activation.

Best for Best for Localized Fat

Deed Handpiece

How exactly do Coolwaves® function?

The effectiveness of Coolwaves® in targeting fat cells safely and efficiently is attributed to the precise 2.45GHz frequency it utilizes. This high frequency allows the energy to pass through the skin almost transparently, focusing the heat specifically on the intended sub-dermal fat layers. 

Through the selective use of this microwave frequency, ONDA Coolwaves® delivers deep and targeted effects while protecting the skin surface from excessive heat. Compared to other technologies for body contouring devices, ONDA Coolwaves® excels in providing deep and precise results.

In Figures:

80% of Coolwaves® energy is focused on fat cells, while the epidermal and dermal layers absorb 20%.

radio frequency

Is the treatment safe?

is Onda Pro treatment safe?

Since microwave energy mainly penetrates beneath the skin layer, minimal heat is absorbed by the dermis, reducing potential harm to surrounding tissue.

Onda's handpieces include integrated cooling technology to safeguard the surface layers of the skin, leading to a lower risk of minor side effects such as overheating or burns compared to other energy-based treatments.

Additionally, this innovative technology ensures a comfortable treatment experience while delivering optimal energy for effective fat reduction.

Before and After Treatment

Action on: Skin Laxity and Localized Adiposity
Treated Area: Cheeks 
Session(s): 1

before and after

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Action on: Skin Laxity and Localized Adiposity
Treated Area: Cheeks 
Session(s): 1

before and after

Before Treatment

After Treatment

  • Is there any downtime?
    There is no downtime as the treatment is non-invasive and painless
  • Is there any post care needed?
    No, there is no downtime and nothing to worry about in terms of post-treatment care. Just stick to your usual skincare routine!
  • How often can I use this treatment?
    As often as you like! 1x a month is a good recommended frequency.
  • Who can use this treatment?
    This treatment is recommended for all skin types, whether you have sensitive, acne-prone, or dry skin.
  • How long is the treatment?
    The OxyTreatment ranges from 60mins to 120mins. It all depends on the treatment type!
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