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For a wide variety of skin types

Collagen is essential for the skin.

Collagen contributes to a major component of your skin. It strengthens the skin, providing it with elasticity and hydration for a young and supple look. Unfortunately, after the age of 25, your body will lose the ability to produce collagen by about 1% every year. The result is dry sagging skin with wrinkles.

With the use of high-frequency ultrasonic waves, our ultrasonic skin therapy cleanses, repairs and promotes the production of collagen. Gentle and safe, it is a medically proven anti-aging treatment which also deep cleanses and fades pigmentation amongst many other benefits. Coupled with luxurious creams and serums in the treatments,  it is suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive, sun-damaged and acne prone skin.

Collagen production, Anti-wrinkle, Fade Pigmentation


By vertically placing the ultrasound head on the skin, the ultrasound waves are transferred directly to the underlying tissue and unfold their effect in the various layers of the skin.


Rosacea and Spider Veins treatment

Skin lifting and



Promotion of collagen synthesis

Deep micro-massage

of skin tissues

Increase of blood micro-circulation

Promoting of active ingredients penetration

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