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The power of oxygen. Gentle, effective, safe!

Our skin does not go anywhere without oxygen

Oxygen is a superstar ingredient that results in smooth, healthy, and radiant skin.

What does an OxyTreatment does to skin?

With patented technology from Germany, Pure oxygen and active ingredients are penetrated deep into the skin. Suitable for all skin types. A user can observe the following effects:

Smoother skin with a refined texture

Increased cell turnover

Boosts collagen production

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Imparts radiance to skin for a healthy glow

Detoxifies and deeply cleanses skin

Lightens acne scars and eliminates acne

The pulsed oxygen pressure transports the active ingredients deep into the skin using the natural interstices between the cells. The skin is not hurt during this process.


The active ingredients are penetrated deep into the skin and form a deposit - without syringe and needles.


When the active ingredients are deposited into the deep layers of the skin, its positive effects unfold over a long time.

How does the
OxyTreatment work?

OxyTreatment (3).png

Speed of penetration is 60 times faster with the OxyTreatment

Pulse oxygen pressure transports active ingredients deep into skin

Our OxyTreatment device consists of powerful oxygen generators made in Germany. That means that the oxygen used during the pressure treatment is gained from filtration and concentration of the surrounding air. Through the use of bacteria and virus medical filters, pure oxygen with a concentration of 95% is achieved.


Therefore the device works with pure, concentrated oxygen at all times to enhance the effectiveness.

Where does the 
oxygen come from?

OxyTreatment (2).png

Different applicators for different skin types

Because every skin and its needs are different







Pure, concentrated oxygen cleanse the skin gently and thoroughly.

Pure, concentrated oxygen and resurfacing heads in various grain size remove cornifications and stimulate the skin.

Pulsed concentrated oxygen special preparations are brought into the deep layers of the skin.

The unique polyrotation massage in combination with pure, concentrated oxygen to tighten face muscles and skin tissue.

Cold, pure concentrated oxygen and customized ampoule tightens the skin, reduces swellings and inflammations.

The gentle breeze of oxygen and active ingredients reduces irritations. Wound healing is enhanced.


The perfect match 

Oxygen + Customized serums

How we made our OxyTreatments better? We combine 95% pure concentrated oxygen with the best active ingredients from a set of serums that suit you best.

This duo results in plump and illuminated skin. Ideal firmness is restored to the face. The face radiates beauty.

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Need our help?

We get it! Sometimes it's difficult to decide which is the right treatment for you. Don't worry, we are here whenever you need us!

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