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With 33 years of experience in the medical and sports fields, LPG® SYSTEMS has created the new HUBER 360® FIIT, a revolutionary technology which proposes a new sporting experience.


Originally dedicated to therapeutic treatments for back pain, balance and posture problems, but also post-trauma rehabilitation of athletes, this new device will slim, tone and sculpt your body in a natural, fast and effective way.

Directly inspired by the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), HUBER 360° FIIT is suitable for who lead sedentary lifestyles, seniors and even athletes.


Slim, tone and sculpt body naturally and fast

Achieve fitness goals fast

HUBER 360® FIIT will help you become slimmer, firmer and strengthen your muscles. It engages 80-100 muscle groups per session, allowing maximum gains in a short period of time. Compared to RPM (cardio), HUBER 360® FIIT burns 13% more fat after 5mins of exercise and burns 35% more fat after 30mins of rest.

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Burn more calories, without risk of injury

HUBER 360® FIIT allows you to work 80 to 100 muscle groups per session.  You will burn 35% more calories in 10 minutes than in a HIIT session, without any risk of injury to your joints.

100% Customizable

HUBER 360® FIIT has over 270 pre-set sessions to target different areas of the body. Our professional trainers will adapt the exercises and intensity according to your fitness levels and goals. Frequent software updates provide new and up-to-date exercises that will keep you feeling engaged.

LPG_HUBER model workout

Improve overall health

HUBER 360® FIIT will improve your cardiovascular health, provide relief from back pain and improve your posture. HUBER 360® FIIT does not cause a strain on your heart as it does not raise your heart rate significantly.

HUBER 360® FIIT is proven effective by more than 145 scientific studies and is used in

110 countries worldwide.

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Need our help?

We get it! Sometimes it's difficult to decide if this exercise programme is suitable for you. Don't worry, we are here whenever you need us!

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